Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Beautiful Struggle, reflections

[The Beautiful Struggle]

After reading seventh chapter of Ta-Nehisi Coates's The Beautiful Struggle, what did you find particularly memorable or important? Why, or how so?     


Anonymous said...

When Ta-Nehisi made a knowledgeable connection with Ebony, it was really memorable. I believe that is memorable because it shows that he is not alone and things can look brighter for him.
-Stephen King

Unknown said...

The most memorable part for me in chapter 7 was when the mother's friend asked Ta-Nehisi what type of girls did he like. When he replied, " i like light skinned girls", I felt the anger that his mother showed. I could relate. It's a totally different issue when discrimination occurs from a different race to another, but discrimination within a race just angers me. Ta-Nehisi also mentioned the cliche, "too pretty for a dark skinned girl". I think that it's sad that those remarks are common to hear. I've heard it all my life.


Unknown said...

What stood out to me was that Te-Nehisi's childhood conscious friend started selling crack...It's interesting that even though someone can be raised conscious, if the seed isn't planted deeply enough, the plant can whither.