Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Beautiful Struggle, Chps. 5 & 6 Reflections

[The Beautiful Struggle]

After reading the fifth and sixth chapters of Ta-Nehisi Coates's The Beautiful Struggle, what did you find particularly memorable or important? Why, or how so?     


Anonymous said...

After reading those chapters, I believe Ta-Nehesi's parents letting go of controlling and punishing him as he matures to the age of eighteen is the most memorable. I believe it is the most memorable because a lot of parents today try to over protect their children and aren't so easy to let go to let their children become adults.
-Stephen K.

Unknown said...

The part that I found most important and thus memorable was the part where Ta-Nehisi's dad tell's him how since he's a large black man, he needs to be more conscious about his actions and the way he moves, because many normal things that he does can be taken as a threat. I relate to his fathers mini speech because my dad gave me the same one. I see the fear on peoples faces daily as when I accidentally bump into them walking through a door way or when we cross paths.

Unknown said...

As I read the 5th and 6th chapter, I just thought to myself how he was maturing and growing as a person. I did not expect for him to become inspired and try to change for the better. It was even more surprising (and disappointing) to see all his hard work and progress "go down the drain" for one unnecessary fight. I see potential in his character he just has to realize that life isn't always going to give him second chances.