Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Beautiful Struggle, Chapter 7

[The Beautiful Struggle]

At one point in chapter 7 of Ta-Nehisi Coates The Beautiful Struggle, he writes, “Beneath it all, I saw her wounds, the thing that makes men run into burning houses. Here was my damsel” (197). How did you respond to or think about how Coates’s interest in Ebony positively affected his interests in various other activities in his life? Why or how so?


Nicholas M. said...

I think how Ebony conducts herself is the main reason that Coates's has interest in Ebony. He mentions that drugs had taken her parents down and that she appeared to be unbroken and serene. She never let that hold her back. So, her courage to fight through her hardships and not give up inspired Coates to be just like her.

Robert F said...

His interest in Ebony showed a positive correlation with bettering his life. He looked up to Ebony because of her accomplishments and how he feel like he could relate to her. There are some people out there that give you motivation and drive that not many other can, Ebony was his motivation. Sometimes that extra nudge is all you need to make a huge improvement to your entire life.

Jamal Sims said...

Most of us have someone in our life that pushes us to strive for something; that person for Coates was Ebony. Through her, he learned what he was capable of achieving and how much he enjoyed the accolades that came with it. Although he seemed interested in her more intimately rather than friend like, you could undoubtedly tell he looked up to her and admired the way she carried herself.

Unknown said...

Coates actions to improve himself seem to stem from his interaction from Ebony, but it is more of some attraction rather than a role-model. He isn't really doing it for himself, he is doing it to get closer to Ebony: to know more and gain her support. For a relationship, it is possible but inconclusive.

You can tell within the passage it is some attraction. For example, "Here is my damsel" (197), "All her demons were hidden, but I could feel them baying out from within and activating something immutable from my DNA" (197), and "My motives were impure" (197) some some clear attraction he has for ebony that is effecting his overall change.

I'm rather appalled by it. I tend to favor one's self interest rather than for someone else. Finding someone to make improvement in such a way is very unappealing to me. To each their own, I assume.

-DeAndre H.

gabriel said...

I thought it was really interesting that he found an interest in Ebony. Her personality was what made her attractive. She was the driving force to what seemed as a better life for Coates. She made it through issues of her parents using drugs and in turn made Coates a better person. He could confide in her and gain strength.

Wole A said...

Ebony had a huge effect on Coates. She went through many trials but, did not let that hinder her. Coates probably was inspired just by seeing her life story.