Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Beautiful Struggle, Chapter 5

[The Beautiful Struggle]

At one point in Chapter 5 of The Beautiful Struggle, Coates writes, “She knew that I had no idea how close I was, would always be, to the edge, how easily boys like me were erased in absurd, impractical ways” (141). What did you think of the observation based on what else you'd read in the book?  


Jeremiah B. said...

I think this observation is a realization that Coates's mother has regarding his influence from the streets. Throughout the book, Coates has been exposed to gang violence that has affected him personal and he is adapting to his environment. At this point, I think Mrs. Coates might fear losing her son but doesn't agree with her husband's methods.

Joey N. said...

I believe that the observation goes hand and hand with the message that the book is trying to portray. Young African-American men growing up in cities like the ones presented in the book are always close to edge, one false move or moment of bad judgement away from being just another statistic.

Unknown said...

I agree with Jeremiah B. I think that his mother is scared that he is becoming like the other typical boys (the "statistics"). I don't think that would be an accurate assumption from reading the book. It just seems like he had anger inside of him and instead of holding it inside (like normal) he decided to burst.