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My Brother's Keeper Coverage

The coverage and articles about Barack Obama's initiative "My Brother's Keeper" has been fairly extensive. The responses to the initiative have been quite extensive, comprised of dozenss of articles. What follows are some of the pieces that I have read so far.   

May 4: My Brother’s Keeper Alliance to help young men of color - Aaron C. Davis - Washington Post
May 4: Obama Finds a Bolder Voice on Race Issues - Peter Baker - New York Times
May 4: Obama-inspired foundation gets its start, with $80 million in the bank - Liz Goodwin - Yahoo Politics
May 4: Does Obama's NY trip offer a glimpse into his post-White House life? - Greg Jaffe - Washington Post
May 4: What is 'My Brother's Keeper Alliance'? - Nedra Pickler & Jim Kuhnhenn - Christian Science Monitor
May 4: My Brother’s Keeper Takes a Step Outside of the White House - Maya Rhodan - Time
May 4: Obama promotes 'My Brother's Keeper' program - David Jackson - USA Today
May 4: Obama Unveils Nonprofit for Young Minorities After Baltimore Unrest - Peter Baker - New York Times
May 4: Expanding Opportunity Work - Broderick Johnson - Huff Post Politics
Jan. 7: Will My Brother's Keeper Hurt the Ferguson Movement? - Rachel Gilmer and Ashley Yates - Ebony
Jan. 3: Newark to participate in Obama's MBK program - Naomi Nix - New Jersey Star Ledger

August 5: Racial Equity Grantmaking: How Much, and with What Impact - Rick Cohen - NPQ
August 4: Help Boys, but Don’t Shortchange Girls - P. Shifman, G. Steinem, J. Vredenburgh - New York Times
August 1: Post navigation LAUSD holding a conference to help black, Latino boys - LA School Report
August 1: L.A. Girls and Women of Color Demand to Be Heard Amidst MBK - Julianne Hang - ColorLines
July 30: What Obama's My Brother's Keeper initiative means for black America - Noah Remnick - LA Times
July 29: The Girls Obama Forgot - Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw - New York Times
July 28: Rethinking Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper Initiative - Antonio L. Ellis - Diverse Issues in Higher Education
July 25: Mr. Obama’s promising My Brother’s Keeper initiative - Editorial Board - Washington Post
July 25: Obama Meets With Former Gang Members From Homeboy Industries - Juliet Bennet Rylah - LAist
July 25: The Missing Piece for Young Men of Color: Jobs - Angela Glover Blackwell - Huffington Post
July 24: On Obama's private L.A. schedule - Seema Mehta - L.A. Times
July 21: Urban Schools Announce Commitment to Young Men of Color - Council of the Great City Schools
July 21: Seven California districts join Obama’s initiative - Susan Frey - EdSource
July 21: Discovery Communications To Produce TV Special to Support MBK Initiative - Wall Street Journal 
July 21: Obama Applauds New Commitments in Support of the My Brother’s Keeper Initiative - White House blog
July 21: Obama's Initiative Now Includes All - Emil Guillermo – Diverse Issues in Higher Education 
July 21: Expansion of My Brother’s Keeper initiative aims to end ‘schoolhouse to jailhouse pipeline’ - PBS Newshour
July 21: Portland schools join national effort to improve school result - Betsy Hammond - The Oregonian
July 21: Leaders Pledge Support of San Diego Schools for MBK - Jennifer Vigil - Times of San Diego
July 21: Mayor Emanuel Announces City To Receive Federal Funds to help At-Risk Youth - eNews Park Forest
July 21: President Obama expands ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ initiative - Trymaine Lee - MSNBC 
July 21: President Obama touts expansion of ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ program - Jesse J. Holland - The Grio
July 21: Obama announces $100 million expansion of MBK - Nia-Malika Henderson - Washington Post 
July 21: President Obama Plans to Act as Mentor in 'My Brother's Keeper' Initiative  - Maya Rhodan - Time
July 21: CPS Expands Math, Sports Mentoring Program - Fran Spielman and Lauren Fitzpatrick - Chicago Sun-Times
July 21: White House expands My Brother’s Keeper initiative - Kyla Calvert - PBS Newshour
July 21: Obama Announces New Programs to Help Minority Youth - Perry Bacon Jr. -NBC News
July 21: Nashville joins Obama’s ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ initiative - Joey Garrison - The Tennessean
July 21: Obama: No ‘authentic’ way to be black - Justin Sink - The Hill
July 21: Austin ISD joins President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative - Melissa B. Taboada - Statesman
July 20: Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative gets $104 million boost - Trymaine Lee - MSNBC
July 20: Obama to Report Widening of Initiative for Black and Latino Boys - Motoko Rich - New York Times
July 15: WH meets with activists calling for gender equity in MBK - Nia-Malika Henderson - Washington Post
July 8: Obama's Plan to Aid Black Men, Boys - John A. Powell and Maya Rockeymoore - Chronicle of Philanthropy
July 1: He's not heavy: black women show support for initiative - Ann Brown - Madame Noire
June 30: Should Girls Be Added to President's Initiative - Lauren Victoria Burke - Politics365
June 30: Black women stand up for ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ - Trymaine Lee - MSNBC
June 30: My Brother's Keeper Gains Support of Top Female Leaders - Breanna Edwards - The Root
June 30: National Women’s Group Supports President’s Initiative - D. L. Chandler - NewsOne
June 29: National Women Leadership Supporting My Brother's Keeper - National Women's Leadership
June 29: Obama and race: life on a high wire - Linda Feldmann - The Christian Science Monitor
June 28: Dallas internship program introduces young black men to careers - Arselia Gales - Dallas Morning News
June 28: Women of Color Urge Obama to ‘Re-align’ My Brother’s Keeper - George E. Curry - Milwaukee Courier 
June 27: My Brother's Keeper SF Data Jam Meetup - SFGate
June 27: Loving Billie Holiday Doesn't Mean Black Girls Aren't Suffering - Farah Jasmine Griffin - The Nation
June 27: UT speaker points to White House effort to empower young men of color - Julie Chang - Statesman
June 27: Initiative Aims to Help Black Men Succeed -
June 26: Three Myths Hurting Young Black Men and Boys - Michael Nutter - Huffington Post 
June 26: Black Elites Look Silly Over ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ Criticism - Roland Martin - Manteca Bulletin
June 25: Lansing Launches Plan To Help Young People Of Color - WLNS 
June 25: My Brother's Keeper is good for sisters too [Letter] - William L. Akers - The Baltimore Sun
June 24: Why Girls of Color Should Be Included in My Brother’s Keeper - Salamishah Tillet - The Root
June 22: My Brother's Keeper needs to include some sisters - E.R. Shipp - The Baltimore Sun
June 22: Billie Holiday, Barack Obama, and the Pain of Black Women - Joshua DuBois - The Daily Beast
June 21: Initiative seeking solutions for men of color - Taylor Ferraro - The Durango Herald
June 21: My Brother's Keeper: Stop Writing Letters, Just do the work - Walter M. Kimbrough - The Root
June 20: Roland Martin’s Wrong: Why Girls And Women Should Be Included - Charing Ball - Madame Noire 
June 18: How Dads' Involvement Can Address the Gender Gap - Christopher A. Brown - Huffington Post
June 18: Why did President Obama leave out the girls? - Paul Butler - CNN
June 18: 1000 Women Sign Letter Asking For Inclusion In My Brother’s Keeper - The Roland Martin Report
June 18: Walker, Dawson Want Women of Color Included - Breanna Edwards - The Root
June 18: Valerie Jarrett defends ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ against criticism - Irin Carmon - MSNBC
June 18: Conversation on My Brother’s Keeper Heats Up - Dani McClain - The Nation
June 18: 1,000 women of color want women, girls included - Nia-Malika Henderson - Washington Post
June 17: Why We Can't Wait: Women of Color Urge Inclusion - African American Policy Forum
June 17: Twin Cities Mayors Give Briefing on 'My Brothers' Keeper' Initiative - Jennie Olson - KSTP
June 17: Let's embrace My Brother's Keeper, include out-of-school programs - Paul Meunier - MINNPOST
June 17: A call to action: My borther's keeper initiative - Artika R. Tyner - InsightNews
June 16: Why HBCUs need ‘My Brother’s Keepers’ - Ivory Toldson - The Grio
July 15: How Oakland’s public schools are fighting to save black boys - Trymaine Lee - MSNBC
June 13: Celebrating Fatherhood and Encouraging Mentorship - Eric Holder - The White House blog
June 13: My Brother's Keeper Is a Great Fathers' Day Gift for Our Children - BWR - Huffington Post Black Voices
June 12: Answering the president’s call with My Brother’s Keeper - Roger Caldwell - Florida Courier
June 2: I am my Brother's Keeper - Al Sharpton - Huffington Post
June 2:  Black Men Pen Open Letter Calling for Inclusion of Girls and Women - Ebony
May 31: Prominent black men ask Obama about women, girls - Nia-Malika Henderson - Washington Post
May 31: Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative takes crucial next step - Trymaine Lee - The Grio
May 30: Magic Johnson to help lead effort for black and Hispanic young men - Zachary Goldfarb - Washington Post
May 30: Obama Administration Calling for ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ Mentors - Maya Rhodan - Time
May 30: Administration on how Groups Can Support Minority Men - Tanzina Vega - New York Times
May 30: My Brother’s Keeper Initiative Release 90-Day Task Force Report - D.L. Chandler - NewsOne
May 30: My Brother’s Keeper Blueprint for Action - The White House Office of the Press Secretary
May 30: My Brother's Keeper Task Force Report to the President
May 28: Black Men Calling on Inclusion of Women and Girls in MBK - African American Policy Forum
May 28: My Brother's Keeper Task Force Report to the President - White House Gov
March 12: The Assumptions Behind Obama’s Initiative - Multiple authors - NYTimes Room for Debate
March 10: Bad analysis of My Brother’s Keeper - Lester K. Spence
March 6: Race matters for Brother’s Keeper -  Jonah Goldberg - Boston Herald
March 6: Black girls’ zero-sum struggle: Why we lose when black boys dominate discourse  - Brittney Cooper - Salon
March 5: Why being ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ matters - Governor Deval L. Patrick - The Bay State Banner  
March 2: Cory Booker Insists Helping Young Men of Color Helps Whole Country - Joshua DuBois - Daily Beast
March 1: My Brother’s Keeper: Did Obama Just Become ‘the Black President’?’ - Richard Prince - The Root
Feb. 28: Conservatives Agree: Barack Obama is 'The Real Racist' - Jamelle Bouie - The Daily Beast
Feb. 28: Obama Uses ‘Soft Power’ to Quiet Critics, Move Agenda - Carol E. Lee - Wall Street Journal 
Feb. 28: Like Obama Himself, My Brother’s Keeper Is Admirable but Flawed - Mychal Denzel Smith - The Nation
Feb. 27: Obama kicks off outreach to young men of color - Trymaine Lee - MSNBC
Feb. 27: Obama Looks to Boost Young Minorities - Maya Rhodan - Time
Feb. 27: My Brother’s Keeper: A helping hand for young men of color - Eugene Robinson - Washington Post
Feb. 27: The Flaw in My Brother’s Keeper - Jamelle Bouie - The Daily Beast
Feb. 27: Obama Starts Initiative for Young Black Men, Noting His Own Experience - Michael D. Shear - NYTimes
Feb. 27: My Brother's Keeper - Linda Feldmann - Christian Science Monitor
Feb. 27: My Brother’s Keeper - Valerie Jarrett & Broderick Johnson - The White House Blog
Feb. 19: Obama’s outreach to young men of color: too little too late?  - Trymaine Lee - MSNBC
Feb. 11: Obama to launch major effort to help young minority men - Zachary A. Goldfarb - Washington Post
Feb. 11: President Obama: A Young Brother's Keeper - Joyce Jones - BET
Feb. 11: Obama To Launch ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ Initiative for young men of color - D. L. Chandler - NewsOne
Feb. 11: Obama to launch initiative re: challenges facing young black & Latino men - Perry Bacon Jr. - The Grio
Feb. 11: Obama wants to stop 'school-to-prison pipeline' for minorities - Christi Parsons - LA Times
Feb. 11: Obama keeps promise to young men of color - Trymaine Lee - MSNBC

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