Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Applying the Art of Choosing (reflections)

[The Art of Choosing]

We've been reading and discussing The Art of Choosing, and come to some new concepts about the processes of choosing and deciding and how the ways we choose are culturally distinct in some instances.  But how has choosing played out in the real world, in our local worlds?

We're curious: what's one notable way over the last couple of months that you've been influenced to decide or think about decisions or choosing based on your experience studying The Art of Choosing? Why was your consideration notable? 


Lindsey McCall said...

Over the last couple of months, the book challenged me to actually stop and think about my choices. I found myself stopping and evaluating whether or not I was making a decision because its what I truly want, or because its what I've been taught to choose. This was notable to me, because I realized that I made a lot of my decisions based on what I've been told and not what I wanted.

Anonymous said...

Mercedes H
The last couple of months my decision making has been influenced by The Art of Choosing in the sense that I have paid more attention to my surroundings. I analyze things a lot more with the idea that the people and things going on around me have much to do with the choices I make. It is crucial to pay attention to all the things that influence your thoughts and daily routine because that is what influences your final choices.

Andriana C. said...

After reading from The Art of Choosing, I have become more aware that I make my decisions based on what will make others happy, not necessarily what will benefit me the most. As if allowing others to exist vicariously through me. This likely stems from how I was brought up. Do what pleases the household, not just yourself.

C. S. said...

I have definitely been thinking about major choices I've made. The book has caused me to consider why I chose to pursue a science degree. What social or cultural environment has influenced me to choose Chemistry specifically. An encouraging father, a stable school system?
I have also recently made the decision to pursue a MS in Chemistry as well. I'll be starting next year. This was a difficult decision that went back and forth the last few months. The AOC has made it clear to analyze the event and people around me and think creatively about my thoughts and possible outcomes. My daily routine and constant exposure to science can be shown to influence my decisions to want to stay in contact with the field and learn more.

Chante S.

Alexandra Donaldson said...

Over the last couple of months The Art of Choosing has been very beneficial to me. Chapter 5 has really stuck with me the most when it came to making wiser decisions. I have been making decisions solely on my own opinions and views, instead of letting others actions influence my decisions. It was notable for me because I have allowed others actions and opinions to influence my decisions, and to see myself not making that mistake is remarkable.

Sierra Ewing said...

The studying of this book has made me more aware of my choices- not necessarily the causes or the the people/situations but simply the choice. I find that often I do things without thinking or noticing because it is routine but through this whole semester I notice a lot more that I am actually very deliberately making decisions that alter the outcome of my day and ultimately my future.