Sunday, January 5, 2014

Survivor Character list

By Briana Whiteside

Main Characters
1. Alanna (protagonist)
2. Jules Verrick (Alanna’s foster father)
3. Natahk (Garkohn leader)
4. Diut (Alanna’s blue colored Tehkohn husband)

Supporting Characters
1. Doctor Batholomew
2. Tahncheah (Tehkohn woman who taught Alanna the Tehkohn language)
3. Neila (Alanna’s foster mother)
4. Jeh (Tehkohn judge)
5. Beatrice Stamp
6. Cheah (huntress)
7. Shoe Artisian
8. Choh (yellow colored male shoe artisan)
9. Gehnahteh (yellow colored female show artisan)
10. Hunter
11. Kehyo (a pregnant judge, Diut’s former lover)
12. Tahneh (a prisoner)
13. John Williamson
14. Gehl (male Tehkohn hunter)
15. Tien (Alanna’s daughter)
16. Ihiateh
17. Missionary guard
18. Ruth James (Nathan’s wife)
19. Jacob Lorenz
20. Kyle Everett (deceased missionary)
21. Lee Everett (deceased missionary)
22. Tate
23. Ehreh
24. Kahlahtkai
25. Wehnano

A Notebook on Octavia Butler

Briana Whiteside is a graduate student in English at SIUE and a contributing writer for the Cultural Front.  

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