Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Elegy Poem for Amiri Baraka

I know your spirit lives on through poem and song.
as your words. your rhymes. your rhythm.
jazz rhythm. funk rhythm. love rhythm. blues rhythm.
you co-wrote the soul of rhythm. blues. people.
you had a blues all your own.
a lifetime expressed over one long blue note
Architect of the Black Arts Movement
you set pages afire
words incinerated
by a mouthpiece so sinister
still leaves some folks afraid to administer you the title of cultural hero
or heretic
but you lived
under wire
under fire
writing and speaking your own truth
"Slaveboy, leroy from Newark Hill"
speaking and writing your known truth
revolutionary optimism
political in/correctness
unapologetically thinking
unapologetically speaking
your goddamn mind.

By Danielle Hall

Coverage on Amiri Baraka's passing  

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