Saturday, January 18, 2014

A total dream gig

On Tuesday, January 14, we began this semester's series of public thinking events -- monthly gatherings where groups of students meet and respond to several prompts. I was pleased and moved by responses to our question about dream jobs.

Here's the prompt
In an interview, television critic Emily Nussbaum explained that she initially worked in temp secretarial jobs and as a worker at a shelter for battered women. Later, she entered graduate school but had to leave before she finished her degree. Some editorial and writing projects work here and some opportunities there allowed her to  build her experiences as a writer. Then, when a position for television critic opened at The New Yorker, Nussbaum said, she applied "and was offered the job, which let's face it, is a total dream gig."

Questions: I know you all love your majors, but for the sake of creativity, let’s assume we could do something beyond our academic programs, like Nussbaum moving from a series of different "temp" jobs to her "dream" one. Address the following:

1. What’s your major?
2. What would be a dream job for you--something that may not be your major?
A sample of the many responses:
1. I'm Spanish Ed major. 2. My dream would be to become a hairstylist or makeup artist.
1. Speech pathology. 2. A chef
1. Business-human resources 2. WNBA
1. Major: Chemistry 2. Dream job: singer / fashion designer
1. Pre-med 2. dance teacher
1. Pre-Pharmacy 2. Music recorder
1. biological science 2. food critic
1. Nursing 2. I would like to travel and do work as an anthropologist
1. Psychology 2. Video game tester
1. Chemistry 2. Dream job: philosopher
1. Social work 2. Cheerleader for professional team
1. Pre-med 2. a photographer
1. Political science 2. Sports attorney
1. chemistry 2. artist
1. Computer Engineering 2. Food Critic
1. Nursing 2. musician
1. Electrical Engineering 2. Having my own mom and pop restaurant that serves breakfast all day and make fresh pastries every day.
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