Thursday, December 12, 2013

"Invisible Child" series and coverage

Over the last couple of days, I read and have been discussing this 5-part series "Invisible Child" by Andrea Elliott from The New York Times about an 12-year-old girl Dasani, who lives in a homeless shelter in New York City. Links to the series:
Girl in the Shadows: Dasani’s Homeless Life  (pt 1)
A future rests on a fragile foundation (pt 2)
A Neighborhood’s Profound Divide (pt 3)
Finding Strength in Bonds of Family (pt 4)
Reasons to Dream (pt 5)
Summary of reporting and source notes
What follows are links to coverage of the series:
December 22: The New York Times is dead wrong about drug addiction - Salon - Sarah Beller
December 19: In Major Deal, RH Buys Elliott's 'Invisible Child' Book - Publishers Weekly - Rachel Deahl 
December 18: Mayor Bloomberg On Homeless Girl Featured In The Times - ThinkProgress - Aviva Shen
• December 18: Dasani, the Lost Generation, and the Hidden Side of Poverty - Beacon Broaside - Noliwe M. Rooks 
December 18: Was the Dasani Series Unfair to Bloomberg? - New York Times - Margaret Sullivan
December 17: Bloomberg's Real Antipoverty Record - Wall Street Journal - Howard Wolfson and Linda Gibbs
• December 14: Battling Homelessness in New York City - New York News
• December 13: New York Times Uses F-Word! - The New Republic - Alec Macgillis
• December 13: The post-script for Dasani and her family - Capital New York - Matthew Lynch
• December 13: Why you should read "Invisible Child" - Chicago Reader - Steve Bogira
• December 12: In Brooklyn, Photographing an Invisible Child -- New York Times -- Ruth Fremson
• December12: Reading Club | ‘Invisible Child’ - New York Times -  Katherine Schulten and Amanda C. Brown
• December 12: De Blasio Invokes Dasani in Vow to Change City’s Approach to Its Homeless - Politicker - Jill Colvin
• December 12: ‘Invisible Child’: Behind the Scenes, Before and After - New York Times - Margaret Sullivan
• December12: A Homeless Baby's Sad Legacy - New Yorker - Amy Davidson
• December 12: Some People Think We Have No Obligations to the Homeless - Philadelphia mag - Maya K. Francis
• December 11: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Dasani? - City Journal - Bob McManus
• December 11: New York Times series puts face to homeless families in NYC - The Grio - Carrie Healey
• December10: Dasani’s Life in a Homeless Shelter - New York Times - Letters to the editor
• December10: A Homeless Girl’s Story Highlights Family Planning and Poverty - The Root - Keli Goff
• December10: Profiling a "Girl in the Shadows" (interview with Andrea Elliott) - WNYC - The Brian Lehrer Show
• December 10: Shining a Light on the Politics of Poverty - US News - Nicole Hemmer
• December 9: The New York Times’ ‘homeless’ hooey - New York Post - Editorial Board
• December 9: Mistake means NYTimes series debuts early in Las Vegas Sun - Poynter - Kristen Hare

Poetry Sightings in the "Invisible Child" series

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