Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Poetry Genius Bibliography

Compiled by Howard Rambsy II & Briana Whiteside

• September 23: How Motionpoems, Rap Genius, APR Are Driving A Poetry Renaissance
• September 12: Poetry Genius: This Brilliant website may revolutionize how poetry is taught in schools
• September 4: Etgar Keret Annotates a Story on Poetry Genius
• July 25: Junot Diaz is a Poetry genius
• July 25: Junot Díaz uses social media to share inspiration for Pulitzer-winning novel
• July 25: Junot Díaz Annotates a Selection of The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao for “Poetry Genius”
• July 24: Junot Diaz jokes about Star Wars in annotated Oscar Wao
• July 22: Junot Diaz Annotates ‘The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao’ on Poetry Genius
• July 22: Junot Diaz Is Footnoting His Own Footnotes at Rap Genius
• July 10: The rhyme and the reason: Crowd-sourced site Poetry Genius
• June 23: Can’t stop wont stop: Rap Genius launches sites for annotating news, rock, and poetry
• May 29: Poetry is dead v poetry genius
• May 6: Sheryl Sandberg Annotates Her Writing on Rap Genius
• February 24: Here’s How The Team Behind Rap Genius Could Take Down Cliff’s Notes
• February 21: Rap genius has poetry on the brain
• January 17: Joshua Mehigan & Samuel Johnson Annotate on Rap Genius
• January 3: Rap genius launches poetry brain

• December 14: Showing Our Poetry Love

Becoming a Rap Genius: Resources

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