Friday, October 18, 2013

A Notebook on work by Courtney Thorsson

Here are links to a few notes that I've taken on the works and organizing of literature scholar Courtney Thorsson. She's somewhat emergent in the field, but we expect to see more and more of her work over the years.

• May 21: Talking comic books, rap music, and African American literary studies 
• May 17: Women's Work, Between the World and Me & accumulated knowledge

• August 12: Cultural Nationalism and Black Women's Poetry 
• August 11: Women's Work and Black Poetry

• December 29: Courtney Thorsson's Women's Work
• October 18: Courtney Thorsson's look at Black Women Novelists
• October 18: The black nationalist work of anthologies
• October 18: Black Women's Literary Scholarship
• October 18: Recovering the 1980s
• April 29: The Lit. Scholar as Organizer: The Case of Courtney Thorsson
• April 29: The value of a small scholarly gathering

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