Monday, September 9, 2013

Django Unchained (the comic book series)

I recently finished reading the final issue of the 7-part series Django Unchained comic  book. I began reading back in January when I received issue #1. I had seen the movie and tracked the extensive coverage

Reginald Hudlin adapted the comic book from Quentin Tarantino's screenplay of the movie. The comic book version resembled the movie in many ways; however, aspects of the adaption did extend what was presented on the screen. The comic book was a little more faithful to Tarantino's screenplay, some of which the director had cut from the film.

Ironically, the humor of he movie was a little less prevalent than in the film. That is, the tone of the comic book seemed more serious and somber at times than the movie. Perhaps, the actual sounds of the actors helped lighten the feel of the film in ways that was less likely in the comic book, or maybe the style of artwork also gave the comic book a degree of seriousness that was unusual. 

Either way, I enjoyed the differences between Django Unchained and Django Unchained.

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