Monday, September 23, 2013

A Tally of African American Literature Courses at SIUE, 2003-2013

We have offered a total of 103 African American literature sections over the last 10 years. 

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Breakdown of courses by name and number of sections taught
ENG 111: Introduction to Literature (6)
ENG 205: Introduction to African American Texts (27)
ENG 340: Literature of the Third World (4)
ENG 341: African American Women's Writing (9)
ENG 342: Movements in African American Literature (11)
ENG 343: Topics in African American Rhetoric and Oratory (10)
ENG 345: Topics in African American Poetry and Folklore (9)
ENG 446: Studies in African American Literature (8)
ENG 464: Topics in Genres and Forms (1)
ENG 477: Toni Morrison (4)
ENG 497: Senior Seminar (2)
ENG 526: Studies in African American Texts (3)
ENG 570: Teaching African-American Oral and Written Literature (1)
Univ. 112: First-year orientation course (8)

ENG 111, 464, and 497 cover a number of different topics. At times, professors associated with African American literature chose to concentrate on black writers for those courses.

Univ. 112 was a first-year orientation course that the university no longer offers. I taught the course for years, and in around 2008, I was envisioning the course as an intro African American literature course. When Univ. 112 was no longer offered, I began teaching the course as ENG 111.

10 Years of African American Literature at SIUE

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