Friday, August 16, 2013

A brief timeline of bad men in poetry

As an extension of our studies of bad men in poetry and as a complement to books by Eady, Jess, and Matejka that we're covering, we'll look at several pieces. What follows is a timeline, a partial timeline, of publications. 

1919: "If We Must Die" by Claude McKay appears in Liberator magazine.
1925: "I, Too" by Langston Hughes is published
1927: "Sonnet to a Negro in Harlem" by Helene Johnson is published.
1942: "Bad-Man Stagolee" by Margaret Walker appears in her volume For My People.  
1959: "We Real Cool" by Gwendolyn Brooks appears in Poetry.
1967: "It Was a Funky Deal" by Etheridge Knight appears in the anthology For Malcolm.
1968: "I Sing of Shine" by Etheridge Knight is published. 
1968: "Hard Rock Returns to Prison From  the Hospital for the Criminal Insane" by Etheridge Knight is published.   
1969: "Rap's Poem" by H. Rap Brown is published.
1972: "Frederick Douglass and the Slave Breaker" by Dudley Randall appears in Black World magazine.
1974: "I Laugh Talk Joke" by Henry Dumas is published.
1976: "Flight to Canada" by Ishmael Reed is published.
1987: "RhythmBlues" by Amiri Baraka is published. 
1998: Tony Medina's Sermons from the Smell of a Carcass Condemned to Begging is published.
2001: Brutal Imagination by Cornelius Eady is published.
2003: "Jungle Jim Flunks His Screen Test" by Amiri Baraka is published. 
2004 - "Let the Devil First Ask One Question" by Gary Copeland Lilley is published in his The Subsequent Blues.
2004: "Black Cat Blues" by Kevin Young is published.
2005: Tyehimba Jess's Leadbelly is published.
2006: "Drummer Boy" and "White Glove test" by Vievee Francis is published.
2009: Rita Dove's Sonata Mulattica : A Life in Five Movements and a Short Play is published.
2011: Tony Medina's Broke on Ice is published.
2013: Adrian Matejka's The Big Smoke, focusing on Jack Johnson, is published.
2013: Tony Medina's Broke Baroque is published.

A Notebook on bad men in poetry

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