Tuesday, July 23, 2013

40 Black Arts era poems

Here's a list of 40 essential black arts era poems, not all poems published, but just some that circulated widely or were widely discussed in scholarship.

• “SOS” by Amiri Baraka
• “Black Art” by Amiri Baraka
• “A Poem for Black Hearts” by Amiri Baraka
• “It’s Nation Time” by Amiri Baraka
• “Malcolm X” by Gwendolyn Brooks
• "Good Times" by Lucille Clifton
• "I am New York City" by Jayne Cortez
• “How Long has Trane Been Gone?” by Jayne Cortez
• "I am a Black Woman" by Mari Evans
• “Evil is No Black Thing” by Sarah Webster Fabio
• “True Import of Present Dialogue: Black vs. Negro” by Nikki Giovanni
• "Nikki-Rosa" By Nikki Giovanni
• "For Saundra" By Nikki Giovanni
• "Ego Tripping (there may be a reason why)" by Nikki Giovanni
• “Dear John, Dear Coltrane” by Michael S. Harper
• “El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz” by Robert Hayden
• “Keep on Pushing” by David Henderson
• "Jitterbugging in the Streets" By Calvin C. Hernton
• “My Blackness Is the Beauty of This Land” by Lance Jeffers
• "It Was a Funky Deal" by Etheridge Knight
• "I Sing of Shine" by Etheridge Knight
• "Hard Rock Returns to Prison From the Hospital for the Criminal Insane" by Etheridge Knight
• “The Idea of Ancestry” by Etheridge Knight
• "But He Was Cool (or: He Even Stopped for a Green Light)" By Haki Madhubuti
• “Don’t Cry, Scream” By Haki Madhubuti
• “The New Integrationist” by Haki Madhubuti
• “A Poem to Compliment Other Poems” by Haki Madhubuti
• "Poppa Stoppa Speaks from His Grave" by Larry Neal
• “Malcolm X—An Autobiography” by Larry Neal
• “The Summer After Malcolm” by Larry Neal
• “Don't Say Goodbye to the Pork-Pie Hat" By Larry Neal
• "Frederick Douglass and the Slave Breaker" by Dudley Randall
• "Flight to Canada" by Ishmael Reed
• “The Last M.F.” by Carolyn Rodgers
• "Me, in Kula Se & Karma" by Carolyn Rodgers
• "a/needed/poem for my salvation" by Sonia Sanchez
• "Summer Words of a Sustuh Addict" by Sonia Sanchez
• “blk/rhetoric” by Sonia Sanchez
• “Poem at Thirty” by Sonia Sanchez
• “For Malcolm X” by Margaret Walker

A Notebook on Black Arts Poetry

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