Saturday, May 25, 2013

Twerk Key Terms

By Danielle Hall

Twerk or the act of twerking is the physical manipulation in dance characterized by the twisting or jiggling of isolated parts of the body (i.e. buttocks, abdomen, or pelvic region) or total body articulation in a sexually suggestive, most often explicit, manner.

Related Terms: the bump, booty bump, freaking, the butt, wobble, backin’ it up, “poppin’,” droppin’, working’ it, droppin’ it like it’s hot, the percolator, eagle’s dance, or in more derogatory terms p¬¬¬____ poppin' or tip drillin’

“Da Butt” (a popular song by E.U.),

“Shake Your Thing” (a popular song by Salt-N-Pepa)

Tip Drill – a popular, but controversial song by Nelly that alludes to a woman with a nice body or singular physical attributes (i.e. breasts, thighs, hips, etc.) performing dances for pay (i.e. a tip).

hootchy-cootchy or hoochie-coochie – originating in the Middle East this sensual dance, or belly dance, is performed by a woman and characterized through torso isolations and articulation of the hips usually the shaking, shimmying, and gyrating of the torso. It was popularized by a belly dance trio known as Little Egypt (Farida Mazar Spyropoulos, Ashea Wabe and Fatima Djemille)

Hoochie Mama – a likely derivative of the dance is an urban idiom that generally means an African American woman who dresses provocatively or who is promiscuous.

Related Industry: striptease, burlesque, vaudeville, erotic or exotic dancing, pole dancing, pole dance fitness, belly dance, cabaret, chorus girls, chorus line, chorus girls, gypsies, acrobatics.

A notebook on dance -- past and present

Danielle Hall is a program coordinator and contributing writer for Black Studies @ SIUE.

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