Thursday, May 9, 2013

NYC 2013

NYC 2013 travelers
Sunday, May 5 - Wednesday, May 8, I traveled with 15 SIUE students to New York City. This trip marked the 5th consecutive year of making moves to the city with a crew of students from the university. This year, among other activities, we visited Harlem, Chinatown, Strand Bookstore, the African Burial Ground, Washington Square Park, and Times Square. 

NYC 2013 Entries:
Meeting Ben McFall at the Strand by Howard Rambsy II
Kacee's travel log  by Howard Rambsy II
Visiting the African Burial Ground by Howard Rambsy II
• Photos of Travelers in NYC  by Howard Rambsy II
A Journey to Queensbridge by Daniella Hall
A Journey to Queensbridge, Pt. 2 by Danielle Hall
Africans in India Exhibit at the Schomburg by Danielle Hall
Loïs Mailou Jones Art Exhibit at the Schomburg by Danielle Hall
NYC Subway Dance and Acrobatics by Danielle Hall
Arts and the City by Danielle Hall
Reading Harlem: Five Percent Nation & Hip Hop by Danielle Hall

• New York City Journeys 

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