Thursday, April 4, 2013

Comic book store leaps tall building, helps out literature teacher

Some of the dozens and dozens of comic books Heroic Adventures donated for our future "browsing sessions" 
The folks at Heroic Adventures have been looking out for me on the regular for over a year now as I've tried to expand my explorations in the worlds of comic books. At moments, I've even brought my students along. The guys at Heroic Adventures have welcomed us to their store, and this time they may have outdone themselves.

On our visit to the store on Wednesday, the guys at Heroic Adventures gave me a box of several -- I'm talking dozens and dozens -- of comic books to use for browsing sessions on campus with students. I'm still bubbling with excitement trying to figure out what kinds of sessions I'll design in the fall based on this new expansive collection.

Over the last couple of weeks, the key, recurring phrase on campus has been "budget cuts." What cash-strapped university is going to fund books for browsing sessions? Hold up, what institution of higher learning is going to purchase dozens and dozens of comic books for browsing sessions? Exactly. Not many.

So all of that is to say I'm even more grateful for the generosity of the folks at Heroic Adventures.       

A Notebook on comic books

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