Monday, January 28, 2013

Ta-Nehisi Coates's Coverage of CTE (Brain Injury) and the NFL

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• November 8: How To Be One Of The Guys  
• November 8: Tony Dorsett Has CTE
• November 6: Richie Incognito and the Banality of Supermacho
• November 5: You Don't Want to Fight an NFL Lineman—Stop Talking Like You Do
• February 8: Some Perspective on the NFL and the Concussion Debate 
• January 28: The Assumption of Risk and Pro Football
• January 25: The NFL's Response to Brain Trauma: A Brief History
• January 23: Junior Seau's Family Is Suing the NFL
• January 22: The Impending Death Of Pro Football
• January 21: The NFL's House Of Pain
• January 10: Toward a Moral Professional Football League
• January 10: Junior Seau Had CTE
• January 3: It's Not You, It's Me

• December 12: The Link Between Football and Brain Injury Gets Stronger
• December 2: The Killing of Kasandra Perkins by Jovan Belcher
• September 3: The Neurology Of Football Fandom, Cont.
• August 31: The Neurology of Football Fandom
• August 31: Is Football Like Cockfighting?
• August 26: On to Next: The Ritual of American Football
• August 21: Junior Seau Update
• July 27: NFL Standout Ray Easterling Had CTE
• June 21: Brain Padding for Football Players
• June 14: Youth Football Starts to Change
• May 29: Bart Scott Doesn't Want His Kids Playing Football
• May 17: Ricky Williams on Football and Concussions
• May 10: More on LaVar Arrington's Comments
• May 9: LaVar Arrington and the 'Sissyfication' of American Boys
• May 7: What Football Means, Cont.
• May 7: What Football Means [remarks from commenter]
• May 7: The Warm Roar and Bottomless Sadness of Brain Injury
• May 4: Junior Seau Is Dead, Cont.
• May 3: Junior Seau Is Dead, Cont.
• May 2: Junior Seau Is Dead

• November 8: Does the NFL want to be Ali-Frazier? [Slate]
• September 27: Growing up on NFL violence in a violent neighborhood [Slate]
• August 19: Concussed

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