Wednesday, December 5, 2012

AOC: Choice Remains an Art

Haley Scholars Fall 2012 Reading Groups     

By Danielle Hall

Over the course of this semester, we have read and discussed varying choice processes including informed intuition, collective choices, and limited or restrictive choices. The processes all point to the myriad ways that we are informed and impacted by choice.

In the epilogue, I found the following statement by Iyengar a useful point to consider that sums up her main thoughts and arguments throughout the book: "Science can assist us in becoming more skillful choosers, but at its core, choice remains an art" (268). In order to benefit the most from our choices, we must be willing to accept its ambiguity as well as its paradox.

How about you -- what's one concept raised in the epilogue that drew your interest? In brief, explain why that concept or example was notable or intriguing to you?


Brenda W. said...

The concept that drew my interest most was also the concept of choices being more of an art than science. I agree 100% with this notion because making skillful choices is something that cannot be learned in a day or in a book. It is something that takes time and experience as Iyengar has proven all throughout the book. There is not a recipe to making skillful choices, because the right choice varies among different individuals. It is something one must understand before acting upon. The ways in which Iyengar analyzed the art of choosing makes me analyze my choices everyday; I suppose that is why this concept stood out the most to me in the epilogue.

Nicholas M. said...

The concept that drew my attention was lyengar's notion of what choice is: "I believe that choice is ultimately powerful determinant of where we go and how we get there." In my opinion, I think lyengar has perfectly described choice. The choices we make define us as individuals. Everyone has a different path because of the choices they make. Therefore, everyone is unique in there own way. So choice, as lyengar describes, " is a powerful determinant of where we go and how we get there."

Yasmyn K. said...

Being a student within the science major, I am taught that a "choice" in nature is a bit automatic pertaining to animals in their environment, but i have found that to be not always true. I have found that making the right choice is an art. So making a choice may be scientific, but making the right choice requires thought and lots of judgment. I could not have agreed more with Iyengar.

Jamila M. said...

"Indeed, choice has power precisely because there is uncertainty; if ther future were predetermined, choice wouldn't be worth much." That statement alone got me thinking. Life would be so dry and uneventful if there were no choices. Life would not be as beautiful and special if something that was often times looked over daily no longer exsisted. This idea stood out to me because I believe life should be special and everyones life should be unique to them and their situations.