Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Academically Adrift [Reflections]

Haley Scholars Fall 2012 Reading Groups    

In many respects, our decision to organize common reading groups on interrelated books allows us to participate in extracurricular or beyond-the-classroom learning activities that enhance our  overall knowledge and strengthen our reading and web-based communication skills. Thanks for joining us on the journey. 

So now that you've read Academically Adrift, what do you do tomorrow? That is, what's one distinct way you are inclined to approach activities or sharpen your outlook based on a specific finding or idea raised in the book?


Monique Williams said...

I think something this book has made me motivated to do is take responsibility for my academic career. I feel as though modern society has lacked responsibility. So often we blame things that go wrong on external things like bad professors, too much homework and etc. I have caught myself falling into this habit. But I very much believe that us take responsibilities can positively change a college institutions. Taking responsibility for my academic career has increased my motivation. For instance, when I do well in a class I am confident that it is because of my hard work that got me there. Same thing applies to when I don't do well at something, I try to take responsibility. With that, I believe we have more control then we give ourselves. We as students have so much potential and challenging ourselves and realizing this potential is crucial.

Kizzy Hopkins said...

I think the over all message is to the school system first. The message is to hold up their end of the bargin and teach. Un-motivated teachers and students have lowered the quality of education and the educatinal experience. This coupled with societies trend of instant gradification.
As long as society continue to agree to our current fast pace academic consumerism society, passing grades and degrees will continue to be given and not academically earned.

Hilary Conrad said...

This book has inspired me to take more initiative in learning beyond the classroom. Too often I have done the bare minimum to pass my classes. While I get good grades, I don't go beyond the materials that they teach in class. I know there is so much more out there for me to learn, but I need to find the motivation in myself to take that step.