Friday, October 19, 2012

Style, politics & the souls of black folk

On Thursday, October 25, from 11:15 to 3:30 on the first floor of Lovejoy Library, we'll host our annual "style and politics" mixed media exhibit.  All are welcome.

The exhibit will feature commentary by SIUE students concerning shoes, earrings, makeup, finger nail designs, hats,  and other fashion concerns. The exhibit will also include photos from students' different collections.

Although African American students comprise a "minority" at the university, the style and fashion choices of several members of black communities here give them a presence that appears to exceed their actual numbers. Our exhibit provides useful glimpses concerning multifaceted styles on display and at work among African Americans. Listening to and viewing the content of the exhibit will assist in building an awareness about the stylistic approaches people take to "being different" and how something like natural hair affects other issues such as earrings and eye liner.   
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