Monday, October 1, 2012

Blogging about Poetry in September 2012

My main blogging task for the month of September was my "30 Days of Black Arts Artifacts" series. It was a time-consuming endeavor, but looking over various items and literary artifacts related to 1960 and 1970s poetry kept my mind moving in all kinds of exciting directions. I managed to produce other entries here and there as well; most notably, my piece "Poetry vs. Poetry vs. Poetry vs. Poetry" gained more attention than I initially expected.

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A list of links

• September 30: Hey Fella Would You Mind Holding This Piano a Moment
• September 30: The back cover of The Black Woman
• September 30: Early Black American Poets (anthology)
• September 30: Truth Is on Its Way by Nikki Giovanni
• September 30: The back cover of Play Ebony Play Ivory by Henry Dumas
• September 30: Play Ebony Play Ivory by Henry Dumas
• September 29: I am the Darker Brother (anthology)
• September 29: The back cover of Black Fire
• September 29: Black Fire: An Anthology of Afro-American Writing
• September 24: Which black poets appear most frequently in "the best" American Poetry series? 
• September 23: Imagining Digital Resources for African American Poetry
• September 22: New Black Voices: An Anthology of Contemporary Afro-American Literature 
• September 22: Black Voices: An Anthology of Afro-American Literature 
• September 19: Ebony mag: Table of Contents to Black Revolution special issue
• September 19: You know you're a poetry blogger if....
• September 18: Ebony magazine: The Black Revolution special issue
• September 18: Poetry vs. Poetry vs. Poetry vs. Poetry 
• September 17: Broadside Press catalog
• September 16: think black!
• September 15: The Black 70s 
• September 14: Does the Skin Color of Black Poets Matter?  
• September 14: Back cover photograph featuring LeRoi Jones 
• September 13: The Black Poets
• September 12: Dark Symphony
• September 11: Black Magic Poetry, 1961-1967
• September 10: The Black Book
• September 9: The Black Woman edited by Toni Cade
• September 8: Black Spirits poetry anthology 
• September 7: Black World featuring Gwendolyn Brooks on the cover (Sept. 1972) 
• September 6: Stephen Henderson's Understanding the New Black Poetry
• September 5: Eugene B. Redmond's Drumvoices
• September 4: Negro Digest features Richard Wright on the cover (Jan. 1968)
• September 3: Nikki Giovanni's ego-tripping and other poems for young people
• September 2:  A little, far-reaching magazine: Black World 
• September 2: The Journal of Black Poetry
• September 1: The Drama Review Special Issue on Black Theatre
• September 1: 30 Days of Black Arts Artifacts
• September 1: Blogging about Poetry in August 2012

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