Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Academically Adrift: Chapter 3, Pt. 2

Haley Scholars Fall 2012 Reading Groups 

In the second half of Chapter 3 from Academically Adrift, the researchers explain the different courses that students are apt to take and their preference following various academic paths or majors. "It is likely that students' choices in coursework, even broadly conceptualized and measured," write Richard Arum and Josipa Roksa, "will have significant consequences for the development of their capacity to perform tasks...that require skills in critical thinking, complex reasoning, and writing" (81).

Later in the chapter, Arum and Roksa note that the "inflated ambitions and high aspirations" of students "have not institutionally been met by equivalent high academic demands from their professors, nor have many of them found a sense of academic purpose or academic commitment" (89).

Of the topics -- courses taken, student college life, and financial challenges -- covered in second half of the chapter, what did you find most notable or important? Why or how so?


Monique Williams said...

Of the topics, I believe courses taken is the most notable. To start off with, I disagree with that statement that many students have not found their sense of academic purpose or commitment. Although this my pertain to some students, this is not relevant to my life.

My academic courses is a top priority in my life. I gain confidence through my academic performance. I find good results by disciplining myself. For instance, I do not go one weekend without studying some course material. I study a week in advance for exams to make sure I am well prepared. The only relevance to this information is that through discipline and hard work in my academic courses, is why I gain a sense of academic purpose and commitment.

These college courses are more then just a letter grade. The information we learn can make us more well rounded individuals and can really impact our development.

Jasmine said...

Of the three topics I believe the most notable to be courses taken. While student college life and financial barriers are things that we all face I feel that courses taken are the most critical. The courses taken are what ultimately lead us to the degree and career path of our choice.

Also, courses taken are very critical for those students that are undecided about what they want to do. Different courses are what will help those students make important career and life decisions.

I feel the other two topics which simply pertain to social life and finances are things that people will face continuously throughout life whether they go to college or not. Courses taken, on the other hand, is highly critical pertaining to college years specifically.

Hilary Conrad said...

The part of the chapter that I found most notable was the part about student life. The book mentions how many students watch movies such as "Animal House" and have a high social expectation of what college is about. Even though SIUE is the only institution that I have attended, I know that we are far from these depictions. SIUE is a smaller school and not known for being a party school. To me, SIUE seems more like an extension of high school than anything else. While we do have several clubs, sororities, and fraternities, they are not as big as they are in other schools.