Saturday, September 1, 2012

Blogging about Poetry in August 2012

Last month, I began shifting or rather focusing my poetry interests to concentrate on issues that my students would be covering. Moving forward, that could mean that I'll post less entries on contemporary poems and focus more on the somewhat older, more prevalent pieces that we're thinking about in class. But then, I suppose it's also likely that I could use my blogging time to escape classroom concerns opting to blog about writers and writings that come up less frequently in classroom discussions.  

I was pleased to finally complete and publish two lists of anthologies featuring poetry here. I also enjoyed beginning to develop a series of interrelated lists on many of the poems that I'll cover with students this semester.  

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A list of links

• August 28: 25 poems by or about black men 
• August 27: 25 poems by African American poets for a class 
• August 20:  Different tonalities, perspectives & views of black women's poetry 
• August 17: Bad Men as Muses for Black Poets 
• August 16: Anger Management and Black Poetry
• August 15: The Curious Cases of Genealogies, Chronologies: The Norton and Black Arts poetry
• August 13: Why 105 Volumes of Poetry is Small and Large 
• August 11: The significance of African American poets being born during the late 1960s & early 1970s 
• August 11: Michael Warr's volume The Armageddon of Funk 
• August 10: A Poet, His Cameras & More than 100,000 Photographs 
• August 9: 20 Anthologies featuring African American Poetry, 2003 - 2011
• August 8: 20 Anthologies featuring African American Poetry, 1992 - 2002
• August 6: Creative communities of poet-scholars & essayist-poets 
• August 5: 15 Scholarly Books on African American Poetry
• August 4: James Smethurst's exceptionally thorough Black Arts Work 
• August 3: Ishmael Reed's Funny Ex-slave Poem
• August 1: Blogging about Poetry in July 2012

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