Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Therí A. Pickens's Cultural Commentary

Therí A. Pickens, a contributing writers for black studies, is an assistant professor of English at Bates College, where she teaches courses on Arab American and African American literature. Her research focuses on physicality and the role of the material body in constructing social and political critique.    

Professor Pickens's work has appeared in a number of publications, including Disability Studies Quarterly, Al-Jadid, Journal of Canadian Literature, Al-Raida, and Blackness and Disability: Critical Examinations and Cultural Interventions. Her keen observations have offered a fresh perspective on our site, and her vibrant writing style serves as a useful model.

February 2: Political Flesh XV: This is Magic

September 19: Political Flesh VI: Teaching Trayvon Martin con’t 
September 15: Political Flesh V: Teaching Trayvon Martin  

• December 28: "Diverse Enough"
• November 18: Considering Tamar, Again 
• October 22:  Aspiring to Less is More Than a Notion 
• October 10: The Angry Daughters of Elizabeth Keckley 
• September 28: A New Kind of “Crip” Keeping: Monster Metaphors, Disability, and Community 
• September 16: Living in the Future With Kanye West is Like Living in the Past 
• September 8: Toward some Disability Studies approaches to reading 
• September 6: “That Ain’t the Move” or Why the Disabled Should Care About Tamar Braxton’s Uterus 
• September 2:  “And Then Again… When I am Mean & Impressive”: Crip Tragi-Comics 
• August 21: Crip-Spiration, Crip Runs and Description: Pistorius and the Limits of the Overcoming Narrative
• August 14: Changing the Script: Luce Irigaray Talks Lolo Jones 
• August 9: Marvin Wilson, IQ, & the Constructed Nature of Disability 
• August 7: Outliers and Out Right Lies; or How We “Do” Black Disability Studies 
• August 3: My Body is Your Problem (Not Mine)
• July 30: When & Where We Enter: Black Studies Scholars & (Cap)Ability

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