Thursday, July 12, 2012

Flash Drives for the Novel Category Machine

I was pleased to receive a batch of flash drives like those pictured above for a project that I'm doing related to The Novel Category Machine. I've found flash drives to be useful and convenient for passing along large bodies of visual, audio, and video files to various audiences.

I somehow found this company flashbay a few years ago, and I've been greatly satisfied by the results. Our first flash drives were for the Malcolm X Mixtape. They were a hit for our folks. You'll still see those drives floating around campus on folks' key chains and such. 

Our next drives were for our "Richard Wright Mixtape" project, which were dsitributed to  participants in an institute at the University of Kansas that concentrated on the novelist. And now, these Novel Category Machine flash drives will go to participants in an institute on African American literature at Pennsylvania State University. These drives will include a variety of cool materials related to the category machine as well as some extra files from some of our past projects.

The Novel Category Machine: An Introduction

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