Sunday, July 1, 2012

Blogging about Poetry in June 2012

I spent the month of June in Texas, working with the African American Literatures and Cultures Institute at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Although I was busy working with students, I did find some time to read, re-read, and blog about poetry.  As always, I had a good time thinking through the histories of the work and some of the journeys that the poets have made. 

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A list of links:

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• June 30: Richard Wright's 7 haiku per day    
• June  29: What we talk about when we talk about poetry in the age of colorblindness, Pt. 1
• June 27: People Watching: Gwendolyn Brooks & Robert Hayden   
• June 25: Where you from?: Migration patterns of poets (A Midwest Edition)   
• June 23: Where You Stay -- Amiri Baraka & the Matter of Where Poets Live    
• June 23: Why Few Contemporary Poets Focus on Contemporary Subjects
• June 20: The Production of "New" Poets   
• June 19: What happened with African American poetry from 1977-1987?   
• June 18: Poets and Drama   
• June 18: Poetry from Prison and The New Jim Crow
• June 18: Toni Morrison essays & Poems from Prison...Every. Single. Day.   
• June 15: How poetry by black people became Black Poetry   
• June 14: 1970: A defining year in black writing    
• June 12: How Young (or Old) were Young Black Artists in 1926?
• June 12: Collected & Selected Works of Black Women Poets   
• June 9: Rita Dove & Natasha Trethewey Connections   
• June 7: African American Poetry in 2012    
• June 1: Blogging about Poetry in May 2012   
• June 1: A disconnect between struggling black men and contemporary poetry

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