Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Notebook on the Work of Treasure Shields Redmond

I've been following and blogging about the work of poet Treasure Shields Redmond for a couple of years now. Fortunately for me, she's a local artist, so I have had the opportunity to catch her live on a number of occasions as well.

• September 10: The serendipity of poetry releases by Tara Betts & Treasure Redmond

• December 19: The Redmonds as gateways to poets

• April 21: Treasure Redmond hosts poetry reading in St. Louis 
• April 21: The poet as organizer: Treasure Redmond

• October 4: Treasure Redmond & the Poet as Connector  
• May 22: Geography, Multiple Voices & the Distinct Sound of Treasure Shields Redmond 

• June 30: Tyehimba Jess & Treasure Redmond on Anti-Black Racism as Ugly Envy
• June 30: The Folk Consciousness of Tyehimba Jess & Treasure Redmond
• May 17: From Rapper to Poet to Hip Hop Head: The Sagas of Treasure Williams
• March 5: Treasure Williams and the Arkansippi Effect  
• Feb. 15: Treasure Williams Channels Fannie Lou Hamer in STL  
• Jan. 29: Treasure Williams on Fannie Lou Hamer on Facebook 
• April 22: Treasure Williams & Sonic Possibilities 

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