Friday, May 11, 2012

Daring Moments in NYC, 2009 & 2012

In 2009, on our program's first trip to New York City, our contributor Adrienne Smith kept busy doing film work. At one point while we were in the Village, she went out into the street to catch a shot of people on the sidewalk. I managed to photograph her right before she stepped out into traffic. That daring moment of a black studies traveler deeply immersed in her project was quite memorable.

Adrienne Smith, NYC, 2009

Cindy Lyles, NYC, 2012
I was reminded of Adrienne's moment a few days ago while moving around Chinatown with some of our travelers. At one point, Cindy Lyles decided that she saw something she had to document, and the only way she could get the shot was by standing on top of an elevated median. I managed to snap a photograph. Here again, I was witnessing this daring moment of a black studies traveler immersed in documentation work.

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