Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Coverage of Toni Morrison & Home

Toni Morrison's newest novel Home, which focuses on a black Korean War vet, has an official release date of May 8. Morrison and her novel have been receiving coverage in various publications.  Morrison was also recently selected as a recipient of a Presidential Medal of Freedom.

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What follows are a selection of recent writings about Toni Morrison and reviews of her novel.

• May 7: Toni Morrison discusses the meaning of home and ‘Home' - AP, Washington Post 
• April 29: Who Is the Author of Toni Morrison? - Boris Kachka, New York Magazine 
• April 13: Toni Morrison - Emma Brockes, The Guardian

• April 30: Toni Morrison to Receive Presidential Medal of Freedom - Naeesa Aziz, BET
• April 26: Obama announces 13 Medal of Freedom recipients - David Jackson, USA Today

Home reviews 
• May 29: In Toni Morrison's 'Home,' Soldier Fights War Abroad, Racism at Home - PBS Newshour
• May 28: Home by Toni Morrison - Todd VanDerWerff, A. V. Club
• May 17: Point of No Return - Leah Hager Cohen, NY Times
• May 11: The Odyssey from Hell - AndrĂ© Alexis, The Globe and Mail
• May 11: Toni Morrison’s ‘Home’ is where the heart is - Herb Boyd, NY Amsterdam News
• May 10: Home by Toni Morrison - Nisha Lilia Diu, The Telegraph 
• May 9: Toni Morrison examines America's race history in 'Home' - Amy Driscoll, Bradenton Herald
• May 8: Toni Morrison's 'Home' about Korean War veteran - Hillel Italie, Detroit Free Press
• May 8: Ghoulish Crime Anchors Nobelist Morrison’s Morality Tale - Craig Seligman, Bloomberg
• May 7: Soldier Is Defeated by War Abroad, Then Welcomed Back by Racism - Michiko Kakutani, NY Times
• May 6: Book Review: Toni Morrison, 'Home' - Sherryl Connelly, New York Daily News
• May 6: 'Home,' by Toni Morrison: review - Tayari Jones, San Francisco Chronicle
• May 6: 'Home' by Toni Morrison feels distant - David L. Ulin, LA Times
• May 5: Morrison's 'Home' won't leave you feeling warm and cozy - Mike Fischer, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 
• May 4: Back From War, but Not at Peace - Sam Sacks, The Wall Street Journal
• May 3: Toni Morrison: Building an American Home - Richard Z. Santos, Huffington Post
• May 3: Home by Toni Morrison - Anna, Pocketful of Books
• May 2: Toni Morrison's Home - Christopher Kelly, Forth Worth Star Telegram 
• May 1: Overcoming war - Daisy Dunn, The Spectator Book Blog
• May: Toni Morrison Returns with Darkness and Light - Stephenie Harrison, Book Page 
• April 30: Toni Morrison's 'Home,' a restrained but powerful novel - Ron Charles, The Washington Post
• April 27: Home by Toni Morrison - Sarah Churchwell, The Guardian 
• April 26: Home - Melissa Maerz, Entertainment Weekly 
• April 23: Home - Stephan Lee,
• April 20: Home, By Toni Morrison - Arifa Akbar, The Independent

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