Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Blogging about Poetry in April 2012

Well, National Poetry Month ended yesterday, and all I have to show for it are these 18 blog entries. I actually  planned to blog more, but all kinds of busy-ness and distractions got in the way.

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Beyond the enjoyment I gain from writing about poetry, I was pleased to write about black intellectual history after attending a conference of the future of Black Studies at Duke University during the early part of the month. Also, looking back, I'm glad I got the chance to organize a few mixed media poetry exhibits in April--at a local elementary school, at University of Missouri in Columbia, and at the local library in my hometown, Jackson, Tennessee. So all in all, it was a good month for poetry.

• April 29: The Transformative Possibilities of Black Poetry
• April 27: Kevin Young, Colson Whitehead & Lovejoy Library 
• April 26: Adding the eBook of Evie Shockley's poems to our library collection
• April 21: Styles of Writing and the Popularity of Poets 
• April 19: The importance of an active, diverse reception
• April 18: The Advantage of an Extended Publishing Record 
• April 18: The Coverage of Tracy K. Smith's Pulitzer-Prize Win 
• April 17: Institutional support and the popularity of poets
• April 16: Why are some poets more popular than others?
• April 16: What if we view Black Women Poets as Public Intellectuals?
• April 14: Houston Baker, Jerry W. Ward, and the title of my Black Arts book
• April 13: 14 Sonnets by 14 African American poets
• April 11: Mixed Media Poetry Exhibit at Woodland Elementary  
• April 8: Trayvon Martin and Persona (Poem) Moments
• April 6: Runner, Writer, Poet, Professor: About Allison Joseph 
• April 4: Reading June Jordan's "Poem about My Rights"
• April 3: Amiri Baraka, the Black Arts & post Black Arts Poet
• April 2: Blogging about Poetry in March 2012

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