Sunday, May 13, 2012

8 Moments of Importance in African American Poetry, 1959-1968

1959 - Gwendolyn Brooks's "We Real Cool" is published in the September issue of Poetry magazine.

1965 - Broadside Press is created by Dudley Randall in Detroit, Michigan.  

1965  - "A Poem For Black Hearts" (a tribute poem for Malcolm X) by Amiri Baraka is published in the September issue of Negro Digest.

1965 - "Black Art" composed and performed by Amiri Baraka in November on Sonny Murray's album Sonny's Time Now.

1966  - "Black Art" by Amiri Baraka is published in the January issue of Liberator.

1967 - Third World Press is created by Haki Madhubuti in Chicago, Illinois.

1968 - Negro Digest's January issue publishes the results of a survey of several black writers that concentrates on their opinions of major writers and their views of a "black aesthetic." The survey was organized by the magazine's editor Hoyt Fuller.

1968 - Poet Henry Dumas is killed May 23, New York City Transit Authority police officer. 

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