Monday, April 2, 2012

Blogging about Poetry in March 2012

Another month, another series of entries on poetry. 

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My early major focus of the month was a series of writings about Elizabeth Alexander's poetry. I produced a series of entries about poetry and "escape artists." Most recently, I wrote a couple of pieces about how poetry relates to the Trayvon Martin case.   

• March 31: A Subtle Trayvon Martin Reference in Kevin Young's Poem?
• March 28: Kevin Young's Second-Person James Covey Poems
• March 26: Blogging about African American Poetry & The Habit Loop
• March 25: What if Obama's Trayvon Statement was a Poem?
• March 24: Evie Shockley Remixes Poem to Address Trayvon Martin Case
• March 23: Defining Encounters with the Sound of Amiri Baraka's Poetry  
• March 22: "When I grow up, I want to write poems."
• March 22: Clipboards, Poetry, and Third Graders
• March 21: The Idea of Escape in 3 Poems by Gwendolyn Brooks  
• March 21: Poems that Tell Stories and those that don't
• March 20: Allison Funk Remixes her Escape Artist Poem
• March 19: Poets as Essayists
• March 18: How the Pace of News & Literary Publishing Affect Poetry
• March 17: Considering Escape Artists
• March 14: Why Evie Shockley's Poems Require Multiple Readings
• March 12: African American Poets and Academic Appointments
• March 10: A Notebook on the work of Elizabeth Alexander
• March 10: Elizabeth Alexander's Books
• March 9: Elizabeth Alexander: At the Crossroads of Poetry & Black Studies
• March 8: Elizabeth Alexander, Twitter Poetics & White Space
• March 7: Elizabeth Alexander's Teeny Tiny Twitter Poems
• March 6: A Notebook on the Work of Adrian Matejka
• March 6:  The Trouble with Anthologies & the Series Trend in Poetry
• March 6: Elizabeth Alexander's Amistad: A Versified Rendering of Black History
• March 5: Discovering Elizabeth Alexander's Poetry at Tougaloo Collge
• March 5: Elizabeth Alexander Week
• March 3: The Densely Populated Field of Poetry
• March 2: Blogging about Poetry in February 2012

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