Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Notebook on the work of Elizabeth Alexander

Elizabeth Alexander is one of our major poets and black studies thinkers. Her work has been prevalent in African American artistic and historical discourse for decades now.  She has produced several publications over the years, including The Venus Hottentot (1990), American Sublime (2005),and Crave Radiance: New and Selected Poems 1990-2010 (2010).

• February 5: Elizabeth Alexander and Black Book History

• July 30: The African American artwork adorning Elizabeth Alexander's books

• December 9: A set of books for Black Girls from East St. Louis  
• January 31: Elizabeth Alexander's Venus Hottentot & John Keene's Miss La La 

• July 12: The Worlds of Elizabeth Alexander 
• January 17: Elizabeth Alexander as a crucial connector

• May 12: The Rise of Rita Dove and Elizabeth Alexander during the late 1980s

• March 10: Elizabeth Alexander's Books
• March 9: Elizabeth Alexander: At the Crossroads of Poetry & Black Studies
• March 8: Elizabeth Alexander, Twitter Poetics & White Space
• March 7: Elizabeth Alexander's Teeny Tiny Twitter Poems
• March 6:  The Trouble with Anthologies & the Series Trend in Poetry
• March 6: Elizabeth Alexander's Amistad: A Versified Rendering of Black History
• March 5: Discovering Elizabeth Alexander's Poetry at Tougaloo Collge
• March 5: Elizabeth Alexander Week
• February 10: Elizabeth Alexander's Militant Nature Poem  
• January 25: Notes on Why Elizabeth Alexander's Presence on Twitter Matters

• August 14: Black Poetry published by Graywolf Press 
• August 7: Elizabeth Alexander's "The Venus Hottentot" during the 1990s
•  May 4: From Popular Black Poets to Public Intellectuals

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