Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Notebook on Escape Artists

I've been working through a few ideas about escape artists based on a series of poems by my friend and colleague Allison Funk. She has a few different poems about escape artists including "An Entry in the Escape Artist's Diary," "The Escape Artist Performing the Straitjacket Release," and "The Escape Artist in Winter" from her volume of poetry The Tumbling Box (2009) and a previous poem "Underwater Casket" from Poetry.

I've been thinking about the magic and mystery of literal escape artists as well as the ingenuity and significance of those who managed the art of getting out and away such as Harriet Tubman, Henry "Box" Brown, and Richard Wright.

• March 21: The Idea of Escape in 3 Poems by Gwendolyn Brooks 
• March 20: Richard Wright as an Escape Artist
• March 20: Allison Funk Remixes her Escape Artist Poem
• March 17: Considering Escape Artists 
• March 17: Harriet Tubman & Henry Box Brown, Our Great Escape Artists 

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