Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mixed Media Exhibits

Students at Mixed Media event
The production of mixed media exhibits represents one of our methods of combining visual, audio, and reading materials into our presentations. Doing so makes it possible for us to give audiences an experience that touches on multiple senses and abilities.

So far, we have had considerable success with the exhibits, providing large numbers of people with opportunities to enjoy poetry, music, visually-stimulating posters, and writings about black history and culture at a single event. Given that people rely on multiple intelligences or have different preferences for processing information, we have discovered that presenting attendees with a variety of modes to participate is important.

The exhibits are a result of multiple engagements with technological productions especially our audio mixes and graphic design. We also regularly utilize our listening devices at mixed media exhibits.

At a given event, some visitors prefer the music. Others favor the recorded poetry. Some are into the visuals, and still others are most interested in the writings. So much depends upon a mixed media exhibit.

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