Saturday, February 11, 2012

Militancy in the works of Black Women Poets

Over the past week, I've been writing about the presence of militancy and empowerment in the works of black women poets. When people mention women and poetry, they rarely speak of the prevalent militant tones among spoken word artists on college campuses, the uses of radical typography among some black women poets, or the skillful deployment of a curse word in the work of at least one black woman poet. A close look and listen, however, reveals that there's much for us to consider concerning the compositions and performances of poetry by black women.

• February 11: Black Women, Militancy, and Spoken Word Poetry 
• February 10: Elizabeth Alexander's Militant Nature Poem 
• February 9: The Militant Appeal of Nikki Giovanni’s “Ego Tripping”
• February 8: The Witty Militancy of Carolyn Rodgers's M.F. Poem
• February 7: The Radical Typography of Sonia Sanchez's Coltrane Poem
• February 6: Evie Shockley's Radical Typography
• February 5: Black Collegiate Women & the Power of Spoken Word Poetry

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