Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Blogging about Poetry in January 2012

At some point back in early December, I wondered if I would have anything to blog about poetry in 2012. I was probably having one of those writer's...actually blogger's block feelings and unsure whether I could manage. Whatever the case, some ideas came to me, and at least I found some topics worth covering in January.  

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Early on, I discussed unlikely poets such as August Wilson, Malcolm X, and bell hooks. Subjects such as afrofuturism, twitter, and persona poems came up during the month, and recently poet Stacey L. Brown contributed by offering comments on a few poets. I had a good time blogging. Thanks for reading. 

• January31: Toward a Contemporary History of Black Persona Poems
• January 31: Stacey L. Brown discusses Yusef Komunyakaa
• January 30: Blogging about Black Women Poets in 2011 
• January 30: Stacey L. Brown discusses "Barbie's Little Sister" by Allison Joseph
• January 29: Stacey L. Brown discusses "The Mother" by Gwendolyn Brooks 
• January 29: Black Boys and the Golden Age of Hip Hop 
• January 28: A Notebook on Eugene B. Redmond & the EBR Collection
• January 28: 7 Poems by Lucille Clifton on the Poetry Foundation Site
• January 26: African American Poets on the Poetry Foundation Site
• January 26: 7 Poems by Robert Hayden on the Poetry Foundation Site
• January 25: Why Elizabeth Alexander's Presence on Twitter Matters
• January 23: 6 Poems by Margaret Walker on the Poetry Foundation Site
• January 22: 10 Poems by Gwendolyn Brooks on the Poetry Foundation site
• January 21: 10 Poems by Langston Hughes on the Poetry Foundation site
• January 19: Making'em See Red: Malcolm X's Poetic Touch
• January 16: The Upsides of the Vendler/Dove Debate
• January14: From Major Poets to Major Public Intellectuals
• January 12: bell hooks, the poet
• January 11: Malcolm X, the Poet
• January 10: Afrofuturism & Poetry Course Description
• January10: 20 Years of Awards & Recognition in Poetry, 1992-2012
• January 9: African Americans Assonance and Alliteration
• January 9: Accomplished Poets Still Receive Little Popular Attention
• January 8:  August Wilson, the poet 
• January 8: African American Poets & The Poetry Establishment
• January 4: Poets, Personas & Runaways
• January 3: Persona Poems: A Major Trend in Black Poetry
• January 2: African American Poets & the Black Female Body
• January 2: Blogging about Poetry in 2011
• January 1: Blogging about Poetry in December 2011

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