Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Blogging about Black Women Poets

By Cindy Lyles 

Composing blog entries about African American literature, especially the work of black women poets, has been one way that I have contributed to Black Studies @ SIUE. My entries have helped me focus on m own scholarly interests. At the same time, writing for online publication has aided our program’s technological efforts.

So far, my entries about poetry have focused on the narratives and perspectives of black women on various aspects of African American life. The cultural commentary and historical documentation from the point of views of black women has often drawn my attention.

Poets like Margaret Walker, Sonia Sanchez, and Evie Shockley, whose works I’ve covered, write about black women’s experiences, familial life, folk culture, and different cultural figures. The topics the poets address have given me much to consider.

My work on these writers has allowed me to blend my interests in black women poets with the technological practice of online publication. My blog entries have made it possible for me to share my ideas about African America literary art, hone my writing skills, and at the same time advance the technological interests of black studies.

Cindy Lyles is a program coordinator and contributing writer for Black Studies @ SIUE. 

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