Saturday, February 4, 2012

Black Studies and Listening Devices

Our use of audio devices to present recorded materials, including poems, excerpts from speeches, and music, to our various audiences has become one of the defining features of the Black Studies Program at SIUE and a key approach in our outreach and educational efforts.

Over the years, we have coordinated more than 50 audio-visual exhibits that have drawn more than a few thousand visitors. The exhibits have provided us with opportunities to showcase the sonic qualities of black studies and African American literary art.

Several of our exhibits have focused on black poetry, providing audiences with opportunities to listen to poets perform their work. We have enjoyed the experience of presenting poetry as a mixed media enterprise to young people and college students.

We have also coordinated several exhibits featuring black music. Attendees at our events have listened to spirituals, blues, R & B, jazz, and rap using our audio devices. We have organized exhibits featuring excerpts of speeches, especially the powerful word-work of Malcolm X.

Overall, the audio devices have been one major way that we have solidified our interests in sonic elements of black culture and afrofuturism.

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