Monday, January 30, 2012

Blogging about Black Women Poets in 2011

In 2011, I published over 200 blog entries on African American poetry with a large number (close to 100) of the pieces I produced focusing on black women poets. I wrote a number of entries about poets Evie Shockley and Nikky Finney, two poets who published books last year. I also wrote entries about established figures such as Margaret Walker, Gwendolyn Brooks, and Nikki Giovanni.

The writing and blogging processes gave me opportunities to share thoughts I had about a group of poets whose works I've followed for years such as Allison Joseph, Jessica care Moore, and Elizabeth Alexander. I also had the chance to write about  poets who were new to me such as Rachel Eliza Griffiths. 

Admittedly, presenting my thoughts in a public venue compelled me to develop my thoughts in more coherent ways than simply the general and sometimes vague comments in my notebooks or the margins of books. The blog format also inclined me to draw links between writers across generations and in relation to other seemingly distant writers and to highlight poets' works that appear online.  

This year, I plan to blog about familiar writers and new ones. I also plan to encourage my graduate students to produce more pieces on poets for the blog. For now, I've provided links to several of my entries from 2011.

• December  30: Sanchez, Black Arts Poet, Appointed Poet Laureate of Philly
• December 26: A Notebook on the work of Allison Joseph
• December 26: A Notebook on the work of Margaret Walker

• December 26: A Notebook on the Work of Evie Shockley

• December 3: The Poet as Essayist: Rita Dove's Response to Helen Vendler
• December 2: Margaret Walker, Struggle & Poetry magazine in the late 1930s

• November 29: Responses to Margaret Walker's "For My People"
• November 28: 10 Poems by Margaret Walker
• November 28: Margaret Walker Week

• November 22: From L. Clifton to N. Finney: Achievements of Black Women Poets
• November 21: Nikky Finney, Facebook & Youtube
• November 18: Nikky Finney's Poetry-Prose Voice
• November 17: Coverage of Nikky Finney's Big Win
• November 4: A Prelude to Rita Dove's Anthology?
• November 3: A Notebook on the work of Nikky Finney
• November 2: A Notebook on the work of Rachel Eliza Griffiths

• November 2: Rachel Eliza Griffiths as Zora Neale Hurston's Janie

• November 2: A Poet Channeling the Work of Black Women Novelists

• November 2: And She's a Poet: Rachel Eliza Griffiths

• November 2: Online Poems By Rachel Eliza Griffiths

• November 2: And She's a Photographer: Rachel Eliza Griffiths

• October 10: Evie Shockley Week
• October 8: The Writer as Runner: Allison Joseph
• October 7: 20 Poems by Allison Joseph

• October 7: Allison Joseph and Productivity in Poetry

• October 4: Blogging about Allison Joseph's Work
• October 3: Allison Joseph Week
• October 2: The Rising Visibility of Black Women Poets
• September  24: Women Writers & Black Arts Poetry
• September 7: Nikki Giovanni & Black Arts Poetry
• August 22: Evie Shockley's "improper(ty) behavior"
• August 18: The Poet (Tracie Morris) vs. the Rappers (of East St. Louis)

• August 15: The Strength of Weak Ties in Nikky Finney's Sonnet Sequence

• August 9: Rachel Eliza Griffiths's Trailer for her Upcoming Book of Poems
• August 7: Elizabeth Alexander's "The Venus Hottentot" during the 1990s

• August 5: Jessica Care Moore at the Apollo
• July 30: Jill Scott & Erykah Badu: From Spoken Word to R&B
• July 16: 8 Lessons, Insights from the Sonia Sanchez Seminar
• July 14: "We Real Cool" & "For My People" First Appeared in Poetry Mag.
• July 13: The Journey of Margaret Walker's "For My People"

• July 1:  Evie Shockley's "ode to my blackness"
• June 30: Tyehimba Jess & Treasure Williams on Anti-Black Racism as Ugly Envy
June 30: The Folk Consciousness of Tyehimba Jess & Treasure Williams
• June 22: Black Studies Contributors Attend Sonia Sanchez Seminar
• June 21: Pleasant Surprises: Thomas Sayers Ellis, Nikki Giovanni & Poetry Magazine
• June 14: Marilyn Nelson's Carver as a Crucial Connector
June 13: Nikky Finney's George Bush Sonnet Sequence, Pt. 1
• May 23: Teenage Black Girls, "Ego Tripping," and African American Literary History
• May 20: Langston Hughes, Nikki Giovanni, & Black Poetry Placement Power
• May 17: From Rapper to Poet to Hip Hop Head: The Sagas of Treasure Williams
• May 6: 10 Poems by Evie Shockley
• May 6: The Enviable Persistence of Poet Allison Joseph
• April 29: Evie Shockley and This Douglass Poetry Discourse
• April 23: Images of Black Writers in Mainstream Publications

• April 14: Rita Dove Addresses "Racist Selectivity"
• April 11: Memorizing Kelly Norman Ellis's "Raised by Women" 

• April 2: Nikky Finney's Reading Style
• April 2:  Nikky Finney and her Audience
• March 14: Nikky Finney, Nikki Giovanni, & the Black Poetry Best Seller List   
• March 10: Allison Joseph's Presence Among our 100 books   
• March 5: Treasure Williams and the Arkansippi Effect  
• Feb. 28: Evie Shockley Addresses Thomas Jefferson
• Feb. 16: The Visual Experience of Evie Shockley’s the new black
•  Feb. 15: Treasure Williams Channels Fannie Lou Hamer in STL
• Jan. 29: Treasure Williams on Fannie Lou Hamer on Facebook
• Jan. 24: Books by K. Warren, E. Shockley, & K. Young

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