Monday, December 5, 2011

Utilizing the EBR Digital Collection

So far, over 350 individuals are featured in photographs or named as participants on included posters in the EBR African American Cultural Life Digital Collection. Seventeen cities in the U.S. are represented as well as Ibadan, Nigeria, where Eugene B. Redmond traveled in 2003 and 2004.

The digital collection contains posters and photographs from 11 different conferences; posters of readings by Redmond; and photographs of Katherine Dunham birthday celebrations and the Toni Morrison Nobel Prize celebration hosted by Maya Angelou at her home in North Carolina.

There are seven clickable images at the top of the home page that execute different types of searches. Clicking on the image of Maya Angelou on the home page, for example, retrieves images about women writers, and clicking on the poster of Martin Luther King, Jr. retrieves the 24 posters in the collection. The different menus on the home page can also be used to search for a particular person, event, city, or subject.

Each photograph contains metadata--a description of the people in it, the date, and the event. In some cases, information was not available. If readers are aware of missing information about an image or item, they can submit additional info in the "Comments” section on each page.

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Mary Z. Rose, Lovejoy Library Catalog and Metadata Librarian, provided content and information for the above entry.

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