Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Notebook on the work of Katherine Dunham

The artistic productions of dancer, choreographer, and cultural worker Katherine Dunham were linked to black studies long before the idea of black studies was even fully articulated. So we have long been interested in her works. We also have local ties to Dunham as she made East St. Louis her permanent residence, and she worked at SIU's East St. Louis campus.  

Our contributor Danielle Hall has been our lead writer on Dunham. Danielle is pursuing research and writing projects on Dunham so she has especially active in producing entries.

• December 27: Bodies in Motion: Katherine Dunham & Derrick Rose by Danielle Hall
• December 7: Dunham, Redmond & the EBR Digital Collection by Danielle Hall
• December 5: Redmond, Dunham & the EBR Digital Collection by Cindy Lyles
• October 5: Katherine Dunham’s Use of Technology and Dance by Danielle Hall
• September 30: The Hurston, Dunham, and Hughes Connection  by Danielle Hall 
• September 22: Remembering Stormy Weather: Dunham and Agency by Danielle Hall 
• September 16: Preserving the Legacy of Dunham Technique  by Danielle Hall
• July 3: EBR and the Ghosts of Dunham, Hurston, & Schomburg by Howard Rambsy II

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