Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Notebook on Dometi Pongo

Dometi Pongo was a leading contributor in my public programming when he arrived at the university back in 2007. He helped coordinate programs, led various projects, and produced the one-of-a-kind Malcolm X Mixtape, to name just a few of his contributions.

Pongo or "Proph" (short for his stage-name Prophecy) graduated in 2011. I've provided links to some of our coverage of him and his writings on the site.

• February 7: Dometi Pongo to visit SIUE 

• January 24: Dometi Pongo, True Life Crime, and Kedarie Johnson
• January 17: Dometi Pongo, True Life Crime, on the case of Junior Guzman-Feliz
• January 9: Dometi Pongo and the debut of MTV's True Life Crime series

• April 8: Dometi Pongo and the Malcolm X Mixtape

• August 30: Dometi Pongo, creative productivity, and those notebooks

December 13: Notes on the Black Books Book Sale
November 19: Reflecting on “From Profit To Prophecy”
October 27: Dometi Pongo at the Black Verse Exhibit
October 24: Cole World: Message to the Grassroots
October 16: Handwritten & Typed Versions of Rhymes by Dometi Pongo
October 6: Rick Ross and the Streets
Pongo in NYC with black studies crew 2010
September 14:  Bridging the Gap – Notes on “Murder to Excellence”
September 5:  From Chicago (to SIUE) to NYC
July 25: A Poet, A Rapper, and His Notebooks 
March 29:  Reflections on the Ta-Nehisi Coates visit

September 2: C.H.I. to N.Y. Part II
May 18: Chess Lessons in NYC
April 25: Mixtape Showcase
March 21: Pongo’s “Miss Amerikkka” 
March 19: Pongo's "Education (Intro)"
March 19: The Malcolm X Mixtape

August 8: Recruiting Talent, Building Black Studies

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