Monday, November 28, 2011

Margaret Walker Week

We've been sharing Margaret Walker's poetry with participants in our programs for years now. Her poems "Molly Means," "Kissie Lee," "Bad-Man Stagolee," and "For My People," in particular, are mainstays in our rotation. Those works, and more, also appear regularly on my course syllabi.

Overall, Walker's poems serve as mediums for the display and perhaps preservation of a range of black cultural ideas. She projects an African American collective or communal voice in many of her works that really appeals to readers. Or more to the point, some of her poems seems as if she is a voice of the people.

This week, we're providing a few entries on her work, developing our notebook on Margaret Walker.

November 28: Margaret Walker Week
November 28: 10 Poems by Margaret Walker 
November 29: Responses to Margaret Walker's "For My People"
November 30: Verbal Effects and Margaret Walker's "Molly Means"
December 1: A Renegade Woman: Margaret Walker's "Kissie Lee"
December 2: Margaret Walker, Struggle & Poetry magazine in the late 1930s  

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