Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dometi Pongo at the Black Verse Exhibit

Yesterday, we hosted a reading at the MUC Art Gallery as part of our Black Verse exhibit. Dometi Pongo was one of the featured readers. He read along with Cindy Lyles and and Danielle Hall.

We had a few different pieces by Pongo in our exhibit, including his pieces C.H.I. to N.Y.C., C.H.I. to N.Y.C. Pt. 2, and Mental Slavery. A year or so ago, Pongo was a major contributor to our Malcolm X Mixtape.

At the reading on Wednesday, he read/rapped a couple of pieces from the Malcolm X Mixtape as well as "Sick of Love," one of the songs from his recent mixtape From Profit to Prophecy.

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