Sunday, October 9, 2011

Blogging about Poetry in September 2011

My main poetry blogging project in the month of September was my 30 Days of Black Arts Poetry series where I blogged about that remarkable cultural movement each day for the entire month. Interestingly enough, I received my book The Black Arts Enterprise toward the end of the month. Good timing.

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Beyond black arts poetry, however, several other topics emerged over the course of the month.

September 30: Reginald Dwayne Betts's 'Big Word' Love Poem & the Poetry Podcast
September 30: 100 Black Arts Era Poems
September 29: The Black Arts Enterprise...Arrives
September 29: Resources on the histories of Black Arts Poetry
September 28: The Decline of a Movement, the legacies of Black Arts Poetry
September 27:  Black Arts Poetry & Afrofuturism
September  26: 5 Ways Black Arts Poets Challenged Anti-Black Racism
September 25 :  10 Essential Essays by Black Arts Era Poets
September  24: Coordinators Guide Young People on Tour of Poetry
September  24: Poetry as Mixed Media Enterprise
September  24: Women Writers & Black Arts Poetry
September 23: Haki Madhubuti & the New Black Poetry
September  22: 10 John Coltrane Poems by Poets of the Black Arts Era
September  21: 15 Malcolm X Poems by Poets of the Black Arts Era
September  20: Black Pride & Black Arts Poetry
September  19: A Look at Margaret Walker's "For Malcolm X" [By Clarissa Richee]
September  19: Drumvoices: A Remarkable History of Black, American Poetry
September  18: Toni Morrison & Black Arts Poetry
September  17: Black Arts Poets as Performers and Recording Artists
September  16: “sCReeeEEECHHHHHH”: Black Arts Poets Chasing John Coltrane
September  15: Dudley Randall & Broadside Press
September  14: Bridging the Gap – Notes on “Murder to Excellence” [By D. A. Pongo]
September 14: 10 Black Arts Era Poems 
September  13: Poets as Essayists During the Black Arts Era  
September  12: Older Generations of Writers & 'New' Black Poetry
September  11: 5 Reasons You Want to Know about Jessica Care Moore 
September  11: 30 Anthologies featuring Black Poetry, 1968-1975
September  10: Jazz & Black Arts Poetry
September  9: Africa & Black Arts Poetry
September  8: From a 'Black Art' poem to 'The Black Arts Movement'
September 7 : 10 Key African American Poems
September 7: Nikki Giovanni & Black Arts Poetry
September 6: Malcolm as Muse
September 5: 5 Labor Day Poems
September 5: 6 Ways Black Arts Era Anthologies Shaped Black Literary History 
September 4: The Black Panther Party, Black Drama, & Black Arts Poets
September 3: Amiri Baraka: A Leading Black Arts Figure 
September 3: How Different Audiences Create Different Kinds of Black Poetry
September 2: Blogging about Poetry in August
September 2: Negro Digest / Black World magazine & Poetry 
September 1: 30 Days of Black Arts Poetry

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