Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Blogging about Allison Joseph's Work

One of our lead contributors, Emily Phillip and I, first began blogging about Allison Joseph's during the summer of 2010. We continued thinking, talking, and writing about her work over the subsequent months.

We've provided a list with links our past posts. 

May 6: The Enviable Persistence of Poet Allison Joseph
March 10: Allison Joseph's Presence Among our 100 books


November 2: Allison Joseph’s “The Jealous Girl” by Emily Phillips
September 10: Notes on Allison Joseph Reading by Howard Rambsy II
September 7: Allison Joseph's poem "Who You Calling Ugly?" by Emily Phillips
September 7: Allison Joseph and the fourteen-line box by Howard Rambsy II
September 6: Body Perception in Allison Joseph's poem "Skinny Legs" by Emily Phillips
September 5: 10 Poems by Allison Joseph
September 3: Allison Joseph and Creativity by Howard Rambsy II
September 3: Allison Joseph's Imitation of Life by Emily Phillips
August 24: Allison Joseph's Worldly Pleasures by Emily Phillips
July 26: Allison Joseph's Voice by Emily Phillips
July 26: Looking for Allison Joseph by Howard Rambsy II

Allison Joseph Week

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